Session Menu

     Not sure what a session entails? They are each special and unique in their own way. There are few hard and fast rules in sessions and you can find those in the FAQ. The rest is a spicy combination of mutual interests while all limits are of course respected. The following is a collection of some of My favorite sessions themes, a menu if you will. They are meant to inspire and encourage and are easily customizable for those with a specific taste.

The Mistress' Choice

      Offer yourself to my every whim and need. View the current special on my blog. To book the specialty experience, sellect "A Specialty" on question 19 a and "The Mistress' Choice" on question 19b. then specify the type in the additional information fielt at the end of the session application.

MY Specialties

The Package

   Are you a lover of long, tight hugs? Let me wrap My ropes, straps, chains, and maybe for good measure, a layer or six of plastic wrap around your willing body. The longer you spend in fully immobilizing bondage, the more docile and subordinate you become to me. Yum! Regardless the type, bondage is great for novice players who are comfortable in tight places. Sensory deprivation recommended with bondage for those seeking an even more intense experience.


Want to feel high on life? Rope suspension, an activity most akin to experienced bondage bottoms,  has been likened to taking flight or a serene drift on calm waters. 

   Due to the meditative nature of shibari rope art, a minimum of 2 hours is recommended for bondage scenes to feel natural and fulfilling.

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Serf School

   Interested in being a pillar for Female Supremacy but unsure where to begin? Kneeling for a chance to kiss My feet is a great start. Slave training sessions tend to be best in short but frequent increments to allow for bite sized lessons any girl and boy can easily absorb. Learn and practice your positions, protocols, and a variety of personalized tasks that will elevate you to my top favorite pets. Skills I like to teach include: Massage for relaxation, Hair Brushing, Latex Care, Dungeon Up Keep, and for the exhibitionists: how to be a video slave. Interested in learning a different slave skill? Let me know what it is in your application

Recommended in 1 - 2 hour increments weekly, bi weekly , or monthly. Subscriptions plans start at $1000 per month. Yearly subscriptions available for approved submissives. 

Sadomasochism for Two

     What is it about the catharsis of impact play that drowns the incessant hum if the world and thrusts us into abandon? Is it normal to like pain? To want to be struck, zapped, crushed, or even burned; Are these desires “normal” or even safe? The answers are, yes, and yes it can be with someone like myself in the room. When the human body is under stress it supplies the nervous system with adrenaline, a hormone that totes about with its arrival several high demand physiological and psychological effects ranging from pain relief to euphoria. Some of us are adrenaline junkies, we chase that high with dangerous activities that put us at risk, just to get another dose of bliss. Pain is relative and perceptual; I can administer it with my hands or with my words and they will all elicit the same reaction: adrenaline rush, increased heart rate and blood flow, which leads to increased sensitivity and that intoxicating change in perception, or a masochism high. 


As a sadist, I thrive on the emotional feedback my masochistic bottoms provide me. A pain therapy high from an intense sadistic scene can keep me elevated through the day or even week. It is the ultimate gift and I am always happy to take a novice on this journey, even if we have to hold hands and take the tiniest steps. Great rewards await us at the finish line.


At least 30 minutes of cool down or after care is recommended for all intense scenes, especially sadomasochistic ones.


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Diaphoresis Delight

      If you pine for the look, smell, and taste of fresh, or not so fresh, feminine perspiration, you have found the holy grail and it is overflowing with electrolyte rich ambrosia, aka my ever flowing sweat. Catch me after a workout, there is lots to indulge on in between my tootsie toes. Love a fresh stream? Bring a coffee to our meeting and you will be licking droplets off my manicured hands, catching rogue drips from my arms and elbows with your tongue. Armpit worship is reserved for the best behaved little piglets, and is certainly something to aspire to if you are a lover of perfect, baby smooth under arms that gush sweat like a fountain of couth. Bathing in my used bath water is cool, but you have not lived in my filth until you are covered in salty, Bulgarian sweat.

Cloud Nine

     Watch the delicate smoke ribbons rising from My hot cherry at close range. The bright orange ember reflecting in My eyes as I draw My green cigarette, then fill the air around us with My exhale. I enjoy having My feet rubbed while having My smoke. Will I choose to put a spell on you? Or will you kneel? Mouth open, a human ashtray fit for a Princess…


     Smoking sessions can be “forced intox” sessions, but they do not have to be. If falling under my ultimate control, drunk on oxytocin and tetrahydrocannabinol at the same is your poison of choice, please make arrangements for a safe return home or book additional time to allow for a full recovery before you are turned back loose into polite society. 

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Good For Beginners

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     I meet a lot of men and women who love feet, but not many who my feet love. Are your hands talented enough to win My heart through My soles? Does your tongue know exactly what to do with a set of toes? These are the questions I seek answers to during foot sessions. I love teaching novice foot lovers and punishing a bad foot slave with a good old fashioned trampling. 


Foot fetish is one of the most common and beloved fetishes. It can be enjoyed in short bursts and is a great gateway kink for nervous players. Single hour foot sessions are ideal, though some foot freaks can spend double that time in eutoepia


Looking for a 30 minute thrill? Follow me on twitter for spur of the moment half hour session opportunities, generally reserved for foot fetish and spanking only.

Human Pet Generator

content coming soon...

Sissy Scandal


content coming soon...

A Custom Fantasy

     For surprise enthusiasts. Give Me a list of your interests and limits, budget, and how long before your family sends out a search party, I will do the rest.

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Liters of sweat drank by slaves so far.