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     There are many ways to experience my dominance. Choose the one that fits your interests and abilities the most:



Solo Experiences

    Do you yearn for subordination at my feet? Have your dreams of falling victim to my restraints and becoming my sacred source of kinky satisfaction taken over your every thought and action? My life's passion is the subjugation of the beautiful submissive humans. Weather you are a lady, gentleman, or still finding your unique identity, kink can be a sacred space for you to explore your most taboo desires. To start your journey, simply fill out a session application. Not sure what you are getting yourself into? Check the booking information first.

Couple's Experiences

    Are you and your partner ready to take your intimacy to the next level? Exploring your sexuality and deviances thereof, and doing so together, can be a valuable opportunity for growth as a couple and as sexually confident individuals. Kink can be daunting, sometimes even a little scary. But the truth is people have indulged in their debauched minds for hundreds of years with mostly great success. With a little guidance yours too can be a kinky story of indulgence and celebration. If you are still on the fence, check out my thoughts and suggestions for couples looking to get kinky here and take as much time as you need before scheduling your consultation.

Princess Devi dressed as a latex soldier leading a pig face man by a leash

Photographed by: Kevin Rose

Long Distance

Call or text My FemDom line

    When distance or nerves are an issue, calling My paid femdom phone line can be the saving grace for a Mistress and slave. I love to receive phone calls for routine slave training, or to discuss an involved appointment in length. On a long trip and pining for my sweet poison? Sign up with the link above to get your first three minutes of tenacious verbals sadism for free.

Too shy for the phone? Text is actually my preferred way to chat, play games, and explore from a safe distance.

Become a sponsor

    So you are a fan of my creative genius but too bashful or committed to become a real life servant. Supplicate my unholy existence with gifts from afar. Gift cards from my favorite retailers and restaurants can be sent to: 

My favorite places to shop are:

Cat House Clothing                    Ulta Agent Provocateur                   E-bay

Libidex                                  Sephora Kill Star                               Cyberdog

     Of course the gift of cash is always thoughtful.



Kinky Classes

     Want to polish up your kinky manners and skills? I bring over a decade of hands on BDSM experience to any ear willing to hear my lectures on anything from proper sanitation to proper technique. Check out my event's page for classes I am teaching online and in person or book a private lesson to realy zero in on your needs and goals.

Gift Ideas



      I would love to demonstrate a skill for your event and audience. Demos start at $600 for an event up to 3 hours and include basic equipment rental and, if available, an experienced demo bottom. My favorite skills to demonstrate are impact play and rope bondage.



Photographed by: D A Wagner

hard spankings thus administered.

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