Princess Devi


Title: Princess/Mistress Isobel, Miss Devi in public


Birth Day: October 9th

Birth Place: Burgas, Bulgaria

Current Location: Denver, Colorado

Communication: English - Български (Bulgarian) - Deutsch

Measurements: 34 D - 27 - 35


Shoe Size: 7.5-8


Pantie Size: Small

Favorite Read: "Sleeping Beauty" by Anne Roquelaure

Favorite Beverage: Coffee

Favorite Designer: Lovn Black Latex


Favorite Food: I have been known to uncontrollably devour sushi, and the plump, tender souls of inexperienced humans.

Favorite Kink: Female Supremacy

Pets: Monochromatic Felines


     Step inside My decadent dystopia. The place you always dreamed of exists, and you have just stumbled across it. My domination style is whimsical and can range from cute to scary. Scent, music, lighting, and my carefully selected wardrobe will transport you to a new place every time. 

     I am worldly and well educated in the language arts, psychology, and human sexuality. A purveyor of pain, impact play is one of my specialties. Though well practiced with many weapons of love, I am most partial to the cane. Judicial punishment and bastinado are not for the faint of heart, but are quite close to mine. 

     I am a trained dancer, and I will likely dance at some point in session or anywhere. My favorite dungeon dance props are the whip and floggers. I also love the can-can and can kick a target as small as a human scrotum and, as high as my head, about 5 feet high, with precision. Dance is a huge part of my life and kinky play style.


     Be good and read my website in it's entirety before politely contacting me for an appointment. I love good, obedient girls and boys, they are my favorite to play with.


Denver Mistress Devi and Trans Girl Slav

Photo Credit: Kevin Rose

Will you mentor me?

     I am not currently accepting mentees but do offer consultations, lessons, and guidance at $200 per hour.  Contact me with your aspirations to see what opportunities are available to you.

Do you offer toilet training? What about just a golden shower?

     I may chose to shower you in my gold during a two or more hour appointment, but it should never be expected of me. Full toilet training is an additional $800 tribute.

Can I see you naked?

     No. I am a Princess; I am not a stripper, but I do love strippers. So why don't you take me out and buy me a lap dance, you pervert?

Are there session options other than the dungeon?

      Yes. Find out more here.

Can I worship your ass, anus, titts, pussy, etc...?

     No. I do not offer any type of escort or sex services. Only BDSM.

Do you accept long distance slaves?

     Yes, check my service information.

How much is a session?

     Sessions start at $400 for a single hour of basic BDSM activities in Denver metro area Monday - Saturday. Contact me for tribute rates for Sunday appointments, tour rates, and extreme scenes.

Do you offer hand/foot-jobs?

     I offer nothing with the word "job" in it.

If you love BDSM so much, why do I have to pay?


   I provide a professional service backed by many hours spent training and studying for your safety and benefit. Those who wish to enjoy my skill are expected to sponsor me and my projects and ventures.

Can I order custom videos?

     Yes. Custom Video can be ordered directly here.

Can I be a video slave?

     All video slaves are submissives who have established a personal connection with me through diligence, generosity, and good behavior. If you would like to see yourself in My productions, mention it in your polite session request to be considered, or order a custom video and request to  be in it.

How can I get to know you on a more personal level?

     The best way to stay in touch with Me is to subscribe to my private galleries where I share more intimate moments of my life.  You can find all of my up to date profiles here. Please note that profiles you find of me NOT listed in AllMyLinks are either fake or not being update at this time.

May I come clean your house, dungeon, car, etc...?

     Yes. For immediate qualification, please have a reference from previous domestic services rendered to an active Mistress. Lessons in domestic servitude are available for hopeful novices. Tribute for domestic services is established on a case by case basis.

Do you accept female or trans slaves?

     I accept all repectful persons regadless of gender or orientation.

Do you offer s t r a p o n or p e g g i n g ?

     Penetration for money is illegal in almost all United States territories including ALL of Colorado State. Asking for such services and openly advertising for such services incriminates all parties involved and can lead to legal problems, fines, and even jail time. Direct requests for the activity seeking affirmative confirmation will be assumed as entrapment, ignored, and blocked.

Do you sell used items? What are the prices and how can I purchase them?

     You can now purchase worn items directly from my Many Vids Shop. All items currently available for purchase will be listed there. I am not currently accepting custom worn items orders outside of this system. 

Denver Mistress Isobel Devi Shibari

souls thus far devoured.