I am located in Denver Colorado and available for private BDSM scenes, BDSM training for couples, and fetish modeling and art project bookings Monday - Thursday with a minimum 24 hours notice, Friday and Saturdays with a minimum 48 hours notice, and Sundays with a week notice and an increased rate.

     Last minute bookings, or bookings with less than 24 hours between the first point of contact and the desired booking date and time, start at a $400/hour tribute rate and require a 50% deposit.

    Check my twitter feed for last minute schedule changes and spur of the moment service and collaboration opportunities.

Private Appointments

In-call Information:  

Denver, Colorado

     To schedule a private appointment in my home base North West Denver, please contact me with details about your needs and interests or fill out the slavery application. Pavlovia Dungeon in South East Denver is also available as a scene location upon request for a minimum 2 hour session booking and 48 hours notice.

South Florida

   If I am in South Florida, private play spaces in Pompano Beach and Delray beach are available for clients with verified references.  Check my travel dates for booking opportunities.

Out-call Information:

     Out-call  to a home or hotel is available to select submissives who have cleared references with an established BDSM practitioner. If no such reference is available to you, please book a standard appointment until the privilege of trust is earned.


     Standard, private appointments in Denver, start at $300 for the first hour and $250 for each additional hour. While on tour, my in-call rate is $400 and $300 respectively. Your 8th booked hour is on me.

1 hour $300/$400

2 hours $550/$700

3 hours $800/$1000


7 hours $1800/$2200

8hours $1800/$2000


     Denver bookings for verified persons require $100 deposit per session hour booked. Tour bookings, and bookings for new or unverified persons require a 50% deposit. Deposits are now made via Pantheon Pay where you can chose to pay via credit card or bank transfer.

To place your deposit visit:


Select "Tip Here" and fill out the payment form for the correct amount based on the amount of hours you are booking. Payment is processed immediately and will appear as "CCBILL.COM*PANTHEON P 888-5..." on your statement.

         I also accept crypto currency 


     Cash app and cash deposits are available upon request with my approval. Do not send gift cards for deposit without my clearance first as I will keep those as tips.

                *All deposits are non-refundable*


Booking Etiquette

 Ensure you have at least $300-$400 budgeted before contacting as I do not give out student or military discounts. 

    Should there be a need to reschedule an appointment, it must be requested no later than 24 hours prior to scheduled meetings and must be rescheduled within 30 days of the original date.

      Should an appointment  be unexpectedly missed it is customary to send the balance of the tribute at the earliest convenience. This will ensure the dominant has not been slighted by an unrelated to them issue. 

Photo Credit: Kevin Rose

Model Credit: Mistress Michelle Lacy

Session Preparation

     Ensure you are clean, and wearing fresh clothes for your appointment. A shower is available for you here should you need it before we start.

     Eat something a few hours before meeting. Extreme scenes on an empty stomach may cause nausea or fainting.


    Prepare the balance of your tribute in a plain envelope and be ready to present it when we meet.  I will instruct you on where to place it when we are ready to begin.


     Try to be punctual. Things happen and arriving late is sometimes inevitable. Late arrivals should expect to cut into their own booking after 10 minutes tardiness. 

Boot camp and Finishing School

     Select, pre-approved submissives who want to be the best pet, slave, or slut ever, can apply for a training program tailored to their individual kinky needs. I know what it is like to have the thirst for perfection, and nobody was born a perfect pain slut. I can help you stretch your limits, and take that eight inch. Maybe you just want to be the perfect butler slave. My step-wise slave reform program will teach you all the protocol and "slave intuition" you need to be a confident, and useful slave in the presence of dominant women.

   Finishing school programs are unique to each Domme/sub arrangement. Weekly or monthly training session bundles start at $1000 per month and require advanced payment. How much time can you devote to being the best slave ever? All skills can be learned with due diligence and a strong commanding hand, or foot. Just tell me what you need.

Photo Credit: Kevin Rose

Photo Credit: Tech Your Picture?


Public Meeting

Casual Meeting


     If nerves are preventing the plunge into a dungeon, you may desire a first meeting in a relaxed and casual environment such as a cafe, restaurant or recreational area. A casual meet is possible weekdays during business hours for a $300 flat tribute and $300 hourly tribute during all other times. Business hours: 9am - 6pm

Public Domination

     Sometimes I get tired of being stuck in the dungeon and want to take my pets for a walk. There are many options for public play, and they range from mild, for the weenies, to wild for the slave who shares my exhibitionist nature. Public domination sessions are only available to return clients who are well behaved and have undergone protocol training.




  Through my debauched escapades, I have compiled a list of establishments which lend themselves to various levels of BDSM play. Want to wear sexy lingerie under your man costume while we have lunch at my favorite cafe? You can be my dirty little secret. Pace behind me at the mall carrying bags full of the wishes you love to grant for me. Emptying your wallet fills my heart with joy.

      Night clubs and local bars are not for the novice of service. Slaves who have established the acceptable amount of  refinement can enjoy the luxury of public objectification as my personal podium or seat. Endure the titillating humiliation of  human ashtray play, impress my friends and make me proud. 

  Not ready to go public but want to try a little? Check out my upcoming events for an opportunity spiced just right for your taste.

Out of State and Long Distance

     If Colorado is a far away land to you, and you spend your hours and days longing to be at my feet, check my agenda for travel info. Perhaps I will be coming to dominate a town near you! Be sure to contact me promptly after seeing my travel dates as I tend to book up early, and time is always so short... shorter than my temper even.

Long Distance


       Cam, phone, and text allow an otherwise marooned slave to remain active and in service to me. Call or text me to discuss your long distance training options. Cam training starts at $100/ 30 minutes and $75/ each consecutive 30 minutes and are paid for in advance.

Overnight Sessions

     Over night slavery and BDSM sessions are available for slaves who never want the fun to end. Experience total submission for 12 blissful hours. Toil for me: clean my dungeon, or hotel room, rub my sore feet and shoulders, and then be put away in your cage where you will sleep for the night only to be woken up bright and early for more labor. Think you can spend hours in my bondage, suffering though my collection of diabolical devices? Over night and all day sessions start at $2200 and can be extended in 4 hour increments at individually pre-negotiated rates. Contact me with your hopes and dreams for a custom crafted slave paradise. No rest overnight session tributes start at $3000.

souls saved by kink thus far.