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Session Application

     Returning individuals may choose to fill this form out a second time if it has been over a year since our last meeting our your interests and limits have significantly changed since then. Otherwise, you may simply reply to out last email thread or use my booking line to inquire about another future appointment.

     Nervous about your first impression after reading the booking information ? Use this form to guide you through all the information I need to determine if we would be a constructively kinky fit. Know exactly what you need and want? Send a quick email through the contact page.

     Session tributes start at $500 for a single hour. Deposit and screening are mandatory. Sundays are subject to increased tribute. Basic questions are answered in my F.A.Q. Be ready to deposit when submitting the application, especially if your desired appointment time is in 48 hours or sooner.

Session Application

hopeful submissives have pretty rad taste in music.

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