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My Looks

     One of my favorite skills is my ability to slip in and out of characters as the opportunity for fun arises. I always try to push my image and see how long it will take people to finally find me in a crowd. Turns out it can be quite challenging. I can be a new irresistible succubus, stealing bits of your soul in bite sized pieces, again and again.

My Gear

     Just some of the things you may politely request as part of your fantasy. This is far from a complete catalog so should you not see what you are looking for, go ahead and ask.

Social Media

     I post snippets of myself, my sexy friends, and my kinky adventures on social media and fan sites daily. Indulge your thirst for voyeurism; Follow me on


anytime for a private look at the candid and mostly safe for work content. Last minute service opportunities and other chances to meet me outside of a session situation are usually posted on Twitter first.

     Private messages on any free social media account are not allowed unless I have given you express permission or instruction to do so as part of a game or activity I am organizing. Messages sent to me without my direction will be ignored. To connect with me, choose a method most akin to your needs:

For private BDSM sessions and coaching, email me directly or fill out my session application form. If you are new, the application is recommended.

For general chat or long distance play, choose one of  these methods. Or subscribe to one of my fan sites where members get free unlimited chat with me, as well as multiple weekly cam shows and exclusive content that is too spicy for mainstream social media sites.

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Private Gallery

     Not Safe For Work photos and videos from my sessions, many kinky adventures, and events are dumped into my OnlyFans gallery. An easy monthly donation grants access to over 100 clips, 2000 exclusive images, and growing every day with new adventures and treasures from my vaults of 10+ years as a fetish model. Live vicariously through the records I keep in my kinky archives and get to meet me and ask me your burning questions during my exclusive fans only lives!

Silouhette of Miss Devi in the rain

days until my spell on you wears off.

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