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Contact Me

     Contacting me is as easy as filling out the form below. I will contact select hopeful submissives by email to discuss a potential session at my discretion. I will not call you unless we have made an agreement to speak on the phone at a specific time or you are late for your appointment.

    Not sure where to start or why you have not received an answer? Check the
booking info page for proper booking form. Have you been a very naughty slave and gotten yourself ignored? The wish list might help you grease the apology wheels. Don't like to wait? I answer paid texts ASAP.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Viltrakis

E-mail Me:

         In order to book a live session you MUST provide a full list of your interests and limits, a valid email ​and phone number, and a reference from a Mistress you have served in the past who is still practicing BDSM!

     Please allow up to 48 hours for responses before emailing again or filling out the submissive form. 

          Sessions start at $450 tribute.

          Sundays are My days OFF!

     Inappropriate and incomplete requests will be deleted without reading. 

Thank you! The message will be considered in the order received.

Direct Line

Patience is a virtue, but we both know you are a creature of vice, so go ahead, reach out to me via paid chat to skip the admin line.

humans have lost a significant portion of their innocence after speaking to Me.

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