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Supreme Jail

Pioneering Modern Incarceration for Lasting Correction

     Wednesday March 6th 1pm - 7pm 

     Welcome to Supreme Jail!

    The world's only all-female ran and operated correction facility for adults with an inclination towards twisted thrills. Here you will be held accountable for the crimes you have committed - Our wardesses will see to it that you receive the penance earned. Corrective techniques involve cage time, sensory deprivation, straight jacket use, or physical punishment and discipline. Some time in the pillory will inspire good behavior in the most wayward inmates.

    This is a group event where many submissives, or inmates, will be held captive in the same facility. A hood may be worn to retain some anonymity. Contact with other inmates is not necessary but can occus between consenting parties. Punishments, proportional to the inmate's infractions will be performed in sight of those inmates who have been generously granted sight. 

Possible punishments include:

Impact Play, Cruel Predicament Bondage, Electro "Torture", Prolonged Sensory Deprivation, Physical and Verbal Degradation, Moral Wrecking, and any other cruel technique the wardesses can conjure up that allows the inmate to reconcile their mistakes and return to the real world with a clean slate.

Upon entering, your crimes will be judged, your sentance announced, your personal belonging taken away and held in the jail safe, and you will not be released until we decide that you have done your time. Perhaps there may even be opportunities for early parole, for those who are willing to do our bidding.


The Wardesses

Experts in behavioral alteration Miss Isobel Devi and Mistress Michelle Lacy have teamed up to create this program with their fierce and cruel associates on standby for a large influx of inappropriate conduct.

The Crimes


Bad - $450 up to 90 minutes may be required for correction.


Atrocious - $850 up to 3 hours may be required for redemption.


Unforgivable - $1600 up to 6 hours may be required for damage mitigation

This is a private group event taking place on  March 2024.


*** I reserve the right to decline your request for prior conduct issues. If you feel you may be on the fringe of candidacy, contact me via Sext Panther or Nite Flirt to reconcile any snags from previous interactions.***

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