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Princess Isobel's Birthday Ball

     Saturday October 9th 1pm - 4pm 

     Tribute is $250 per 30 minute scene via your usual payment method or Pantheon Pay or Spank Pay.

     Only one private scene per person is possible, though you may book one private and one group or competitive slot if you are feeling adventurous. Group scenes can be cooperative or competitive depending on the player's comfort levels. So far joining me will be the gorgeous Mistress Nicci. Fill out the form below to see if you are eligible to entertain me and my friends on my birthday!

*** I reserve the right to decline your request for prior conduct issues. If you feel you may be on the fringe of candidacy, contact me via Sext Panther or Nite Flirt to reconcile any snags from previous interactions.***

ball kicks taken in my honor so far.

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