Contact me by: 

Filling out an application                     Sending an email

Calling me on NiteFlirt                         Texting me anytime

Speak in complete sentences and with proper grammar.

     Please do not abbreviate anything in your correspondences and double check emails for typos and auto-correct issues prior to hitting send. I have no way of knowing what you meant, only what I see written by you.

Tell me a little bit about yourself


     The things I would like to know about include your interests, brief recounts from previous sessions and kinky scenes, Mistresses you have served in the past, and any limitation you are operating under. Try to keep your composition within a few paragraphs size. Getting to know each-other in depth little by little and through experience versus autobiography is deeply satisfying.


Leave graphic topics out of your first point of contact


      Keeping your first point of contact concise is key. Getting into the nitty-gritty details of past adventures can be read as an attempt to initiate un-consented-to play through text and is generally regarded as rude. If a preemptive discussion is desired or needed, contact me via sextpanther or niteflirt to discuss in detail. Note that the exchange of money for penetrative activities, such as strap-on, is illegal in all states where sex for money is illegal. Talking about your fantasy on the phone however, is not. So feel free to call or text and discuss your kink with me in a safe space.

Send one email at a time

     If I am traveling or preoccupied with existing projects it may take me up to two days to respond. Send a gentle reminder if it has been a few days and you feel your correspondence may have slipped through the cracks.

Session Informmtion

     Locations, availability, tribute information, and proper booking protocols can be found here!

Upon arrival


     If you have anxiously overestimated travel time, do not rush to the door of my establishment. I may not be ready. Remember, the dungeon is a common space. There may be a session going on closely scheduled to your appointment with another Domme and sub. Barging in or banging on the door may invoke the wrath of us all. Instead, politely wait until your appointment time, or text me to check if it is possible to start sooner.


Once inside my private space


     Though it may seem fitting to pace around or drape yourself over the establishment's furniture, a more upstanding approach to your anxious state of mind is to politely kiss the Mistresses hand in greeting. Kneeling while doing so gets you extra bonus points, as does kissing the feet. I love to have my feet kissed.


     For the next few minutes you have a short grace period in which you may ask questions and become a bit more familiar with the environment. Utilize this time well because once it is over, you are mine to do with as I please. When the time has come, place the balance of your tribute, which has been prepared in an unmarked envelope in plain sight, kneel minding your eye contact restriction, and wait for my next command.

humans have been fancy enough for my fancy.