Important Dates

Travel Plans:

     These are my confirmed travel dates for 2021. If it is not listed here, I do not plan to travel there yet. All messages regarding travel plans will be directed here. Contact Me by SextPanther or NiteFlirt to discuss your interests in detail or apply to be considered.

2021 Tour Info

These dates and availabilities are true as of September 21 2021. Contact me or apply for a session to see if your desired date is still open. 


Denver Mistress Devi wearing latex and high heel boots holding a Cane



Double sessions with Miss Petra Hunter highly recommended.

Dallas, TX

Wednesday the 8th ✔ Evening Only

Thursday the 9th ✔ Open
Friday the 10th ✔ Morning Only

Austin, TX

Friday the 10th ✔ Afternoon and Evening

Saturday the 11th ✔ Open

Sunday the 12th ✔ Morning Only

Houston, TX

Sunday the 12th ✔  Evening Only

Monday the 13th ✔ Open

Tuesday the 14th ✔ Morning Only

2022 Travel Dates


Double sessions with Miss Petra Hunter highly recommended.

Charlotte, NC

Second or third week, exact dates coming soon.

Atlanta, GA

Second or third week, exact dates coming soon.


Boston, MA

6 - 10 Details coming soon.

Tentative Travel Dates

     I am conspiring to travel to these destinations at possibly these times. Let Me know you want Me to solidify these plans by inquiring for a session

      Atlanta, GA and North Carolina- January

      LA, California - March

      Illinois - May



Fly Me To You

     Not seeing your hometown on the list? Fly me to you starts at $2000 tribute plus all my expences covered. Available to regulars and verified submissives only.

Travel Wish List

      Make my travel fantasies a reality. Sponsor My next trip to a destination near you:


      London, UK - Summer 2022

      Germany - Summer of 2022

      Transylvania - Fall 2022


    Sponsor My next adventure to receive exclusive footage and pics from My kinky trips. 


Denver Events
I 💖 Feet July 16 2021

     Six hours of decadent foot worship hosted by Mistress Nicci and myself. Join us for an evening of fun in a laid back atmosphere where you can worship one or all of the top foot fetish divas in the Denver Metro area to your heart's content. Play games with the models and enter to win a special souvenir, or just enjoy a good conversation over wine and hors d'oeuvres.


M.I.D.-Dungeon(set 2)-8.jpg

     Find records of my experiences, thoughts and ideas in this blog. Announcements for kinky events, service opportunity details, and helpful tid-bits about kink will be available there. Sometimes I like to write wild erotic stories, those will go in there. You may love some of what you see and you may be yet very disturbed by some other topics. Are you brave enough to take a walk down this intrepid path full of pain and suffering for the opportunity to be one of my subjects?

Also good ;)

humans have unknowingly been a part of my various scientific experiments.