There are many ways to serve Me. Choose the one that fits your interests and abilities the most:

In Person

Submit in a Private session

    Do you yearn for subordination at my feet? Have your dreams of falling victim to my restraints and becoming my sacred source of kinky satisfaction taken over your every thought and action? Apply to serve today. If I like your application, I may just be inclined to meet you for a private kink scene. Not sure what you are getting yourself into? Check the booking information first.


Photo Credit: Kevin Rose

Slave Quests

What to do when finances are a set back

    Sometimes life gives us lemons and nobody wants to buy lemonade. This is not my problem and you would be wise to not bring it to my attention in a futile hope for a charitable donation for your cause. I am not a charity and you may have nothing for free. However, if money is an issue I have tasks that can be done in exchange for rewards in personal attention.  Think of them as slave quests.

      The very first thing you should do is follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Free, high quality content is uploaded there every day. DO NOT DM me unless requested to do so. Subscribe to notifications and share my important content such as schedule updates and kinky advice. 

Photo Credit: Kevin Rose

     Rewards for excellent virtual service will be awarded on a case by case basis. Ways to gain my favor include promotion of my work and projects, support in the community by recommending me as a professional to others, and  completing free tasks that aid me through my work days. Free tasks are always posted on twitter. Types of rewards include permissions to DM, free niteflirt minutes, and custom photos or mini clips. 

     In addition to support, recognizing content of mine that has been pirated and reporting it to me is a perfect example of being in virtual service of your dominant. This includes events and businesses that have used my photos without crediting me, tube sites that have ripped off my clips, and imposer profiles pretending to be me and marring my image with scam activity.

     I am grateful for any and all selfless service I receive from my subjects.

Long Distance

Call My FemDom phone line

    When distance or nerves are an issue, calling My paid femdom phone line can be the saving grace for a Mistress and slave. I love to receive phone calls for routine slave training, or to discuss an involved appointment in length. On a long trip and pining for my sweet poison? Sign up with the link below to get your first three minutes of tenacious verbal sadism for free.

Too shy for the phone? I love texting slaves assignments for steamy rewards. 

Become a sponsor

    Are you a fan of my creative genius but too bashful or committed to become a real life servant? Supplicate my unholy existence with gifts from afar. Gift cards from my favorite retailers and restaurants can be sent to: 

My favorite places to shop are:



Kill Star


Agent Provocateur

Cat House Clothing

      Note that the above are only for charitable gifts and may not be used to book cam shows or place a deposit. If a gift card to anything other then amazon is sent, it will be accepted as a generous gift but will not count toward anything other than your great reputation.


     Of course the gift of cash is always thoughtful. This is why I have thoughtfully made it easy to send cash tribute, for maximum satisfaction.

hard spankings administered.